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education for photographers

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Education for Photographers

Give your clients the information they need in beautiful, easy to understand guides.

When I started my business, I didn't know how to create a client experience that left my couples feeling taken care of every step of the way. I was so focused on buying the best gear, finding the perfect presets to edit with, and setting up styled shoots to attract my dream clients — but once I finally booked them, then what? I truly had no idea how to make sure my clients had the best experience working with me from start to finish. 

I think this happens to a lot of us. We get so focused on that end goal that we forget to serve the people who are already supporting us. But let me tell you — the second you start focusing on how you can give your clients the BEST experience above anything else, your business will change forever! 
There are tons of ways to improve your client experience, with communication through emails, but one of my favourites is sending out a detailed Pricing Guide, Outfit Guide and a Wedding Guide, filled with valuable wedding planning advice and information to guide them through the process of what to expect and booking, and working with you along the way. Communicating clearly with your clients and sending a guide is an incredible way to make them feel seen and cared for. It answers their questions before they've even had a chance to ask them. And most importantly, it establishes you as a trusted friend & helper before you've even worked together.

Your clients will love their photos so much more if you can make them feel loved before they ever step in front of your lens!






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