When I first started my photography business, I quickly realised the life of a young entrepreneur was filled with many twists and turns. Not only did I have to learn how to run a business, I had to learn how to work with clients. I struggled finding a balance between effective communication,
professionalism and my personality…all while not wanting to spend the majority of my day drafting countless emails.

Over the years, I drafted template emails to streamline initial correspondence with clients. Soon I discovered I spent less time with my inbox and more time with my camera…which is exactly what I wanted. In a series of 10 sample emails, I show how to effortlessly correspond with clients while maintaining an efficient workflow.

The following emails are included:

+ Email requesting personalised client information
+ Response to email inquiry for wedding photography services
+ Response if unavailable for a wedding date
+ Follow up email
+ Response if prospective client is inquiring too far in advance of booking season
+ Response to a prospective client
+ Requesting discounted prices
+ Following up with a prospective client
when another prospective client expresses interest for the same wedding date
+ How to prepare clients for an engagement session
+ How to prepare clients for the wedding
+ Response if prospective client is
requesting photography outside of specialty

This nine-page PDF is a starting point to help fellow photographers to find their voice through email, as well as create a system for an efficient correspondence workflow.

Email Templates


These Lightroom Presets are the perfect addition to every photographer's workflow. CXP Lightroom Presets Premium Collection.

Grab it for professional results and receive a free guide!

What you will get with this purchase?
You will receive FOUR of my custom made easy to apply presets!

+ CXP_01 Warm Temp
+ CXP_02 Warm Temp 2
+ CXP_03 Cool Temp
+ CXP_BW Black and White

You will receive these presets in both XMP and LR TEMPLATE files to fit any version of Lightroom you might have. Lightroom CC is the free app version for your Smart Phone.

My warm presets are my GO TO preset for almost all occasions. Outdoor backlighting, outdoor shade, outdoor harsh lighting, indoor natural light, indoor flash etc..Most of the time I just apply those warm preset on every photo, make the minor adjustments, and copy and paste that edit on every photo following that has a similar lighting situation. The difference between the two is just the details in the photos. The Warm Temp 2 is only different because the highlights are brought down and the shadows are brought up to see a little bit more detail in the image.


After you complete the payment you will immediately have the option to download the product(s) from the final purchase page. You will also receive a download email shortly after.

CXP 5 Professional Easy to Apply Presets ( for photo editing )


This customisable 26 page Outfit Guide Template is made for creative entrepreneurs in mind to help create stress-free vision planning for the photo shoot! This guide is created for photographers to send to their clients to assist them with their outfits, making your job so much easier and creating the best look and feel of their photos! 

Each template is completely customisable to your brand & business using Canva, a free online platform. No more spending hours struggling with Photoshop and Indesign - Canva is a drag-and-drop platform, so you can finish customising your guide in MINUTES vs hours. You can easily change the colours, fonts, text, and images so that your guide feels like YOU!

This template comes with:
+ All copywriting included with some of my professional tips!
+ 26 pages
+ All special fonts included 
+ TitelPage
+ Introduction
+ What to expect 
+ Understanding of Colour and patterns
+ Examples of good and bad with copywriting 
+ FAQ 
+ Custom Pintrest board 
+ Thank you!

*A free Canva account is required to use.

Outfit Planning Guide






Email Templates


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Education for fellow photographers.


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