I want every client I serve to come away feeling loved on - as though they've just met a new friend."

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My style is soulful & nostalgic; a mash up of moody, documentary, free spirited & romantic. For me, it is more than just having cool photos of your favourite day, this is about discovering how spectacular your life really is through the lens of someone that takes the time to get to know you.

It's about capturing a legacy & honouring the fleeting and authentic pieces of the puzzle that create the best moments of our lives. Timeless and extraordinary photographs look and FEEL different when they are created by someone that truly connects with you & your unique story. When your images come from the eyes of someone that actually values you, everything changes. This experience is all about YOU and I want your day to be truly unique.

I am fully invested in getting to know my couples on a real, personal level to completely capture who they are.

Whatever you want, we will make it happen. I am here for you through it all.

I'm here to..
capture your legacy of love.

your intimate wedding and DEstination photographer
with Wedding shot in Ireland, south Arica, Dubai and Italy.


For me, it's more than just having nice pictures-- this is about having fun celebrating LOVE and capturing your love legacy in the process.

Know I am one dedicated woman and I will be there helping you touch up your lipstick, giving you a hand squeeze when the emotions are high and holding you veil when you want to pee! I promise to give you everything I have and more on your wedding day.

I'm here for you, every step of the way!

A note from Carien

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A warm, heartfelt, and personal photography experience.

The Experience

louise-mari + willie

"Working with Carien was the best decision we could have made for our wedding photography."

niki + stephen

"She captured every moment of our day with heart, detail, and warmth. We couldn't be happier."





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